Another October

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Creative Arts students’ films highlight mental illness and plight of the reef

Published:18 October 2018


An image from “Another October” a short film by CQUni Bachelor of Creative Arts students in Cairns.

CQUni’s Bachelor of Creative Arts students are tackling some of Australia’s most challenging social and environmental issues with a series of short films.

The students from the Cairns campus have sought out to address mental health issues and the impact of Climate Change on the Great Barrier Reef, and their films have already garnered local interest.

Rachael Cecily, Clara Satske and Jade Schuck used anonymous stories of people with mental illness to construct their film, “Another October”.

“We chose to do something on mental health because we were all passionate about it,” Rachael said.

“We wanted to make something that was accessible for young people. We used musicians and actors and wrote poems that were used in the film.

“We wanted destigmatise mental illness – not to define what it is but the start a conversation about it.”

The film has picked up many views on Youtube and been shown in some local high schools.

“The Last Dive” was a film on the Great Barrier Reef created by students Adam Beckman, Isabella Smith-Ani, Reshma Van Der Werff, Shanna Niehsner, Joel Godfrey and Bianca Oches.

Adam said the impacts of climate change on the Reef was of concern to many in the local community.

“We’d read a lot about the Reef rapidly dying and we don’t want our kids missing out on it,” he said.

“We wanted to represent the Reef in our film. We created some scenes as if it were a radio broadcast, 50 years after the Reef was gone. It’s artistic and futuristic.

“We also interviewed some local children and asked them to talk about how it would make them feel if the Reef was gone.”

The film includes aerial shots of the Reef and local dancers. The group’s plan is to edit the film down and enter it into future film festivals.

The films were part of the Bachelor of Creative Arts end of year projects.

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