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Counterparts is an exhibition that brings together the voice of regional artists through explorations of works held in Rockhampton Art Gallery’s nationally significant collection.

As a collection, Rockhampton Art Gallery’s acquisitions disproportionately represent and favour male artists, yet statistics show the demographic of living practitioners primarily consist of women. Counterparts aims to use the Countess Report (2016) as a principal research source, from which art practitioners working in the region will undertake a one (1) week research internship with Rockhampton Art Gallery, from which they will access and research the works of female artists in the Collection to develop one (1) work of art. In this new light, the work held in the Collection by female artists like Judy Cassab, Vida Lahey, and Grace Cossington Smith will be brought to light by new stories and ideas relevant the political framework of 2018, creating a platform for a variety of voices to contribute to breaking down institutional gender representation as highlighted by the Countess Report (2016).

Counterparts has been generously funded by Regional Arts Australia Flying Arts Alliance Inc, an Australian Government Program that supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote communities in Australia.

Rockhampton Art Gallery is excited to announce participating artists will include:
Amber Countryman, Anitha Menon, Emma Ward, Erin Dunne, Michelle Black and Veronika Zeil.

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