It’s alive! The Living History Project steps out at Rockhampton Heritage Village

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Watching your child toddle into their first day of prep is a tangle of competing emotions: overwhelming pride and love to see how they’ve grown from a spark to an infant to a little person in their own right becoming more independent every day, fear and hope for what awaits them out in the big uncertain world, and wondering whether you’ve done enough to prepare them for the journey ahead.

On Sunday June 2 our latest child, The Living History Project, stepped confidently into the world at the Rockhampton Heritage Festival, and we couldn’t be more proud.

The debut performance of Lyn Morgan’s Same Time Tomorrow.

More than 170 people joined us over the course of the day for three brand new plays inspired by the past, and shared some generous feedback with us about the show:

“Very well done. The characters were very realistic and easy to relate to the story.”

Actors Catie Fry, Clint Lennox, Mick Donnellan and Bryn Robertson were particularly appreciated:

“Wonderful acting, the actors seemed to enjoy it as much as the audience!”

Arts Central Queensland theatre projects manager Jessica Lamb says the project is part of our larger plan to develop the region’s arts economy.

“A core part of Arts Central Queensland’s mission is to create professional arts opportunities, and it’s great to see the response to the Living History Project – from the writers, the actors, from Council and the Rockhampton Heritage Village team, and now from the community.”

Your next chance to see the Living History Project in action – including two more brand new plays, as well as the three performed on Sunday – is at the Heritage Village Markets on Sunday, September 8.

Each play will be performed in a different part of the Heritage Village – just look out for our roving performers in costume to point you in the right direction!

The Rockhampton Heritage Village Living History Project’s site-specific performance is delivered with the support of the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Rockhampton Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.