Peter Indans artwork comes home to Rockhampton collection

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Life Drawing 1980 by Peter Indans

A drawing by celebrated Central Queensland visual artist Peter Indans has made its way back home from the UK to become part of Rockhampton Museum of Art’s permanent collection.

Life Drawing (1980) has been donated by a close friend of Indans’, UK based artist and writer Bryan Trueman.

Peter Indans was born to Latvian parents in 1947 in a displaced persons camp in Germany, and came to Australia as a young child in the early 1950s.  He studied art in Melbourne between 1960 and 1964, and also trained as a secondary art teacher before eventually becoming a lecturer at the Central Queensland Institute of TAFE.

Peter’s work has been exhibited around the country, and several Australian galleries have his works in their permanent collections.

Donor of the work, Bryan Trueman, met Indans when both men were living in Eltham, Victoria.

“This small rural enclave of North East Melbourne was a vibrant “melting pot” of creativity and eccentricity where many of Australia’s finest artists found fellowship and inspiration,” Bryan remembers.

“Peter and I experienced a ‘meeting of minds’ when I was a resident artist in Rockhampton in 1980 and we remained friends.

Peter Indans at work in the 1980s. Photo courtesy of Rockhampton Regional Council

“He was a man of perpetual energy and ideas.  The ‘tank’ never ran dry… as fast as he exported them to paper, canvas, to his students and his friends, they were supplemented and replenished by a fresh flow of creative ideas,” Mr Trueman said

Rockhampton Regional Councillor Drew Wickerson thanked Mr Trueman for the donation.

“It’s great to have this work back home here in the Rockhampton region, and I thank Mr Trueman for his donation.

“The donation of Life Drawing (1980) is all the more exciting because of the provenance and history that Mr Trueman has provided with the artwork which certainly adds depth to compliment the beauty of the piece itself,” he said.