ReCollection: Opened: May 6. Closed: May 12. Opened daily from 10am – 4pm

Historical accounts from this city of “sin, sweat, and sorrow.”

An exhibition of all new work from five local printmakers, Belinda McGrath, Peta Lloyd, Derek Lamb, Clare Ford and Michelle Black, each exploring Rockhampton’s history, environment, and family stories. By exploring various points in the town’s history, the exhibition aims to help connect the present community of Rockhampton to its past.

Featured works:

One of the featured works included in the exhibition is a selection of ancestral portraits by artist Belinda McGrath. Belinda was inspired by learning more about her own family tree, which stretches back generations in the Rockhampton area. The piece aims to celebrate those who left everything to come from far-flung corners of the world to create new lives in the then infant city of Rockhampton.

Another work exploring the immense dangers and bravery of those travelling at this pivotal point in the region’s history was created by Innovative local artist Peta Lloyd. Peta’s piece tells a historic story of trauma and survival, all through beautifully crafted needleworks. The scene features the shipwreck of the Maria. This wreck off the coast of Central Queensland left 13 survivors from the initial crew of 75 men adrift on a makeshift raft for 3 terrifying days and nights, with only 8 making it to shore. The piece makes use of a range of different textiles, including everything from Bible pages to weathered canvas tarpaulins, to tell the story in a beautifully textured way and capture the emotions felt by the weary crew of survivors.

These pieces, as well as the other incredible and creative features, ensure that ReCollection serves as a reminder to current citizens of Rockhampton about the history of their city, and is truly an important capsule for local culture.

Living History: Featured at the Rockhampton Heritage Festival on June 2nd 2019, and the Heritage Village Markets on September 8th.

This collection of plays inspired by the past of Rockhampton